Seven Reasons for Seven Hours of Sleep

By sleepcounciladmin on November 30, 2011

At the Sleep Council we are always talking about the magic number that is… SEVEN! – You should replace your bed every SEVEN years – You should try to get a minimum of SEVEN hours of sleep […]

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What’s the Answer to Britain’s Soaring Fuel Costs? Tuck Up in Bed!

By sleepcounciladmin on November 23, 2011

That’s our view anyway! Beds are the perfect retreat on cold winter nights: and with more and more homes sporting a bedroom TV, it seems there are an increasing number of us cutting central heating […]

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Sleep Dodgers Beware: The Sleep Patrol Are Out to Catch You! Watch the Video To See Them in Action

By sleepcounciladmin on November 16, 2011

Do you need a dose of strong coffee to get you going in the morning? See what happens when the Sleep Patrol catches up with a sleep zombie in the queue! Sleep Patrol Case 1: […]

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Check Out our Video from Celebrity Make Up Artist, Oonagh Connor, as she Shares her Top Tips on Combatting the Signs of Tiredness

By sleepcounciladmin on November 9, 2011

Nothing makes you look better than a good night’s sleep. But if you’re not getting that, then watch our video to see Oonagh Connor, who works with a number of celebrities from Daisy Lowe to […]

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Are You a Sleep Dodger? Check Out Our New UrKnackered iPhone App

By sleepcounciladmin on November 1, 2011

We’ve been a right set of busy bees planning our Seven Year Hitch campaign that launched for National Sleep In Day (30 October). And one of the things we wanted to do was create something […]

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