How To Keep Cool On Hot Summer Nights

By sleepcounciladmin on May 23, 2012

While high-end temperatures make a welcome debut for us sun-starved Britons, steamy nights and baking bedrooms do little to lull us to sleep. Here are our tips for keeping cool and comfortable in bed. Take the air. […]

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Look out for the Buy British Beds logo

By sleepcounciladmin on May 22, 2012

Keep your eyes peeled this summer for retailers displaying our new ‘Buy British Beds’ logo. With patriotic fervour at a high we are helping retailers to flag British made beds with a special version of […]

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Office Workers Beware: The Sleep Patrol Are Out to Catch You! Watch the Video To See Them in Action

By sleepcounciladmin on May 11, 2012

Are you so tired that you are a perpetrator of A&D (Asleep at Desk)? See what happens when the Sleep Patrol tracks down an office worker who has fallen asleep at his desk. ‘The Office’ […]

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Bed of Ware Returns Home to Hertfordshire

By sleepcounciladmin on May 2, 2012

One of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s (V&A) ‘greatest treasures’ – the Great Bed of Ware – has returned to its home of Hertfordshire. The renowned bed has been at the V&A since 1931 but […]

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