How The Exam Season Is Affecting Teens Sleep

By sleepcounciladmin on March 25, 2015

Our latest survey asked 1,000 teens (13-18 year olds) how the exam season affects their sleep and the findings are now in! We found that teenagers are skimping on vital sleep as they cram in […]

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The Complete Guide To Making A Bed

By sleepcounciladmin on March 24, 2015

Following our competition with Christy last week, we’ve decided to hijack each other’s blogs in support of National Bed Month! Below is The Complete Guide to Making a Bed from the lovely people over at […]

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How To Cope With Losing One Hour Sleep As British Summer Time Approaches

By sleepcounciladmin on March 20, 2015

On the 29th March the clocks go forward heralding British Summer Time!  And while this is a welcome sign, it does have an effect on sleep. Many people find it hard to adjust to the […]

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Make Bedtime ‘Book time’ for World Book Day

By sleepcounciladmin on March 5, 2015

As a lover of books I love today – World Book Day! It’s primarily an initiative that is aimed at children and schools to celebrate reading but it’s also a great opportunity to remind adults […]

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We Still Enjoy Sleeping In Same Bed As Partner!

By sleepcounciladmin on March 4, 2015

The first in the series of monthly polls conducted in February has come to an end and we’ve been delighted that we got so many responses! Thank you to all those who answered. Our burning […]

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