A Lie In Is What We All Want!

By sleepcounciladmin on November 4, 2016

On the lead up to National Sleep In Day (30th October) – the day the clocks went back – we asked ‘what will you do with your extra hour in bed?’

As a sleep deprived nation, National Sleep In Day was the perfect excuse to have an extra-long snooze or even enjoy a leisurely morning in bed. And we were delighted to see that many of you wanted to do just that!

A Lie In Is What We All Want!

Over half of you (57%) said that extra 60 minutes would be used to have a lie in. We’re so time poor these days that lazing around in bed for an extra hour can be seen as a real indulgence.

So what did the rest of you choose? The randy ones amongst us said they’d enjoy a spot of hanky panky (13%) while others said they’d use the time to either spend time with family (9%) or exercise (9%). Housework came bottom of the list with just 6% of the votes.

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