The Sleep Council p10_lady-laptop-bed_lo-res-200x300 Are You A Sleep Procrastinator?  Ever wondered if YOU are the reason you’re not getting enough sleep?

Think about it. It’s bedtime. Your work and chores are done. You have to get up early. You’re tired. Yet you still put off going to bed. And why’s that? Because you’re a bedtime procrastinator.

Apparently bedtime procrastination is the modern phenomenon causing sleep deprivation.  It is defined as “failing to go to bed at the intended time, while no external circumstances prevent a person from doing so.”

Sometimes there are genuine reasons why you can’t sleep – insomnia, health issues, young children waking you up – but bedtime procrastinators put off sleep not because they want to stay up later, but because they don’t want to stop doing whatever it was that was keeping them up in the first place.  And the main culprit – electronic devices such as TVs, iPads, mobile phones etc.

Researchers at Utrecht University looked at how procrastinating affected not only people’s ability to sleep, but also how it affected their general health and well-being. The study found people who did not go straight to bed found it harder to self-regulate and stick to a workable routine.

We’ve all had times when we mean to go to sleep but instead stay up to watch one more episode, read one more chapter or check Facebook one more time. However if you regularly find yourself binging on Breaking Bad until the early hours then it’s tim to sort out your sleep habits. Go back to basics and set regular hours, make sure your sleeping environment is comfortable, cool, dark and quiet, eliminate the use of gadgets before bed and aim to wind down properly.

Do you think you are a bedtime procrastinator?

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