The Sleep Council Cormar-Carpets_014-251x300 Battle Through Winter For A Good Night’s Kip

Living Naturals collection by Cormar Carpets

Who loves winter? And I mean really loves winter?

Not the image of roaring log fires, mugs of hot chocolate and cosy knit woollens but the reality of de-icing your car in freezing temperatures, itchy jumpers and dark and dull days.

However, did you know that dark mornings and evenings have lots of amazing health benefits including helping you get a better night’s sleep?

You see it’s not just animals who adopt hibernating habits when the weather gets cold – we do, too! Melatonin – the hormone that stimulates sleep – is produced when daylight starts to fade which occurs far earlier in us during winter.

It’s a good idea to take advantage of the fact that your body will fall asleep earlier and stay asleep for longer to eliminate some of your sleep debt. On average most of us sleep only six-and-a-half hours a night which is much less than the recommended seven to nine hours.

The Sleep Council Woman-wrapped-in-duvet1-200x300 Battle Through Winter For A Good Night’s Kip

The cooler nights also help us sleep better. As you fall asleep your body temperature needs to drop and that’s far more likely to happen on a cool winter’s night than a hot, sweaty summer one!

So while I might not love winter, I do love sleep so I am going to take advantage of the cold and the dark to have some extra time in bed!

Photo supplied by Cormar Carpets of its Living Natural Collection, price £20 per sqm

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