BBC Needs People for Sleep Disorders Series

By sleepcounciladmin on February 17, 2012

Can you help? BBC One is looking for people with serious sleep issues to take part in a ground-breaking new series about sleep called Goodnight Britain. The two-part primetime series will explore the nation’s sleep habits and attempt to improve a selection of serious sleep disorders.

If your sleep is disrupted due to shift work, through a partner’s heavy snoring or you simply cannot fall asleep as well as you would like, then the BBC would love to hear from you.

It needs people whose lack of a good night’s sleep is significantly affecting their lives, and their family’s lives, and who would be willing to follow expert advice to finally put an end to the sleepless nights. These people could be suffering from a selection of sleep disorders ranging from insomnia and snoring to sleepwalking, circadian rhythm disorder and night time eating syndrome. Each of the participants will receive a bespoke treatment, in their own homes, from a team of experts and hopefully start achieving the high quality sleep they’ve been craving.

If you would be willing to follow expert advice to tackle sleepless nights please email your contact details and a description of your sleep disorder to sleep@walltowall.co.uk and a member of the production team will be in touch.

Lisa – The Sleep Council

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11 thoughts on “BBC Needs People for Sleep Disorders Series

  1. My snoring still disturbs my wife’s sleep .. and I am now sleeping in another room! When I was I Guy’s for my bypass operation, one of the other patients recorded me on his mobile … I disturbed his sleep … even more when I suddenly stopped snoring, when he had to get up to make sure I was still alive. My mother was worse than me.

  2. I am having sleeping problem for last two years and for past two
    months it has become worse. I need help.
    I am ok to be part of bbc new series.

  3. the letter written by you in the “Hereford Journal” 22 feb 2012
    could have been written by myself !! my greatest problem is waking up in the morning. I have two alarm clocks by the side of my bed, [one a sonic bomb] and I still cant wake up !!! PLEASE
    HELP ME. I go to bed between 10.00 & 10.30 p.m. and am lucky to be awake by 9.00 to 9.30 a.m.

    michael. bolt

  4. I have been having sleep problems since I was a child. I have always been very active with sport when I was younger. I am nearly 40 now and really notice if I haven’t slept well. My daily work is probably one of the most demanding carriers one could have. I find at 3pm I could sleep but can’t and come the evening and I lay my head down to sleep I find that it’s very difficult. I have tried different routines but to no avail. Help 🙂

  5. Having great difficulty getting to sleep and occasionally I have no sleep. Been problem since a child when there were huge family issues I worried about. Managed with difficulty sleeping but its now become much worse. I’m 65 and having Amitriptyline 50 mg and Zopiclone for when I get desperate. Don’t want to get hooked but need sleep. I am still working 3.30 pm til 7.30 each day.
    Help please

  6. Cannot believe i missed this! if you do a series two let me no.. I will constantly wake up 4-6 times a night screaming with believe that i have spiders/bugs crawling over me… or nightmares that feel real!! On one occasion ive woken up and went into the living room to ask my partner if he got rid of the snail and was panicking as i truely believed there was a snail. one of the scariest was aparently waking up at 3 in morning sitting up and staring and screamed at top of my lungs.. I do not remember this and quite often will not remember! would seriousley love some help so if u do a series 2 please let me no!

    1. Hi Emma, sorry to hear about nightmares and what a shame you didn’t see this before. Please check back on our blog as we do put out these kind of case study requests for TV programmes. Alternatively you could also call the Sleep Matters helpline on 020 8994 9874 (6-8pm seven days a week). All the best, Lisa

  7. Hi,
    this is probably far too many years too late, im trying to find some credible research on Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome? I was diagnosed roughly 1 and a half years ago whilst serving in the RAF and the Royal British Legion are trying to help me look into it, i was working a pretty hard and random shift when i started having the problems i dont suppose theres any advice can be given? Im happy to be part of a study, but i doubt DSPS is what youd be looking for though.



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