Beauty Sleep Is Not A Myth

By sleepcounciladmin on July 30, 2013

0Beauty Sleep Is Not A Myth  We all say it, we all know it but now further research backs up the claim that a good night’s sleep does make you look better !

Scientists have now proved that less shut eye not only creates wrinkles but makes us look older. Is there any better reason to get a good night’s sleep then?

The research undertaken by the Skin Study Centre at University Hospitals in Ohio says they can now demonstrate that lack of sleep accelerates skin ageing.  They studied the skin of 30 women aged 30-49 who had poor quality sleep compared to 30 who had good rest.  Those with less rest had more fine lines, uneven pigmentation, and slacker, less elastic skin. And that’s before you even think about eye bags and shadows!

When you’re fast asleep, the body goes into repair mode and regenerates skin, blood and brain cells, as well as muscles. However as we age, the process becomes less efficient.  But the main reason sleep deprivation causes such change in the skin is because of stress.

Stress creates a hormonal response whereby the body produces extra adrenalin which has a major impact on skin function – think drier skin, lines, sagging skin. Not what us ladies desire!

Did you know that one in 10 women feel so tired it affects their appearance every single day? Shadows and bags under the eyes, washed out and pasty skin are the top complaints.  This was from our own study in 2011. So it wasn’t a surprise to find that as a consequence women spend between £11-30 a month on cosmetics, skin care products and facials, with some prepared to pay up to a whopping £100 a month and even more.   Yet a great night’s sleep is much more effective and costs a whole lot less!

If you struggle to get your beauty sleep, try our sleep tips here or if that doesn’t help watch our video with top makeup artist Oonagh Connor who gives her top tips on how to overcome that tired appearance.

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