The Sleep Council LOW-RESSleep-Council-Keep-your-cool-in-bed-275x300 The Best Gift For Mother’s Day Comes Unwrapped  Millions of mums will be treated to cards, flowers, chocolates and maybe a meal out for Mother’s Day, this Sunday.

But is that what mums really want? Don’t get me wrong, all those things are essentially very nice indeed but what most of us mums really hamper after is something you can’t buy and you can’t wrap up – yes it’s a decent night’s sleep and an undisturbed lie in.

Having a good night’s sleep not only makes you feel better but research has found that skipping beauty sleep will make you old.  Sleeping for four hours a night for less than a week hits the body’s ability to process and store carbohydrates and regulate hormone levels.  These changes mimic many of the hallmarks of advanced ageing. And let’s face it no mums want to look old!

So treat your mum to a relaxing day in bed this Mother’s Day – preferably in a room that’s cool, dark and peaceful, snuggled in a lovely comfy bed wrapped up in a warm duvet!

After a quick poll among my ‘mum’ friends here’s a list of what else mums would love for Mother’s Day – which when you look at it, is basically a day off from being mum!

  • Finishing a cup of coffee while it’s still hot – remember those days anyone?
  • An interrupted soak in the bath
  • The house to be magically cleaned from top to bottom
  • Dad to make the family meal
  • A pamper day – a whole day to relax and be looked after


Happy Mother’s Day all!

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