Best Tip To Succeed At The London Marathon – Sleep!

By sleepcounciladmin on April 22, 2016

Best Tip To Succeed At The London Marathon – Sleep!

As thousands gear up for the London Marathon this weekend and squeeze in extra training, our top tip is don’t forget to get a good night’ sleep before the big day.

Not getting enough sleep doesn’t just make you tired but it impacts on the way your body repairs itself. Sleep is restorative and as critical to a healthy lifestyle as diet and exercise.

Elite sportspeople have already cottoned to the impact of sleep and build quality sleep into their training. But whatever level you are at, you will perform better if you have a good night’s kip. 

A 2007 study by Stanford University California found that athletes who slept for up to 10 hours a night showed significant improvements in sprint times, shooting percentages, and energy levels after a few weeks compared with their performances when they managed only 6-8 hours a night. The same university also found in 2011 that while quality unbroken sleep is essential for us all, it’s never more so than for athletes. If you’re consistently sleep-deprived your ability to adapt is lessened, due to alterations in the processes required for muscle tissue and growth hormone.

Good luck to all the runners this weekend.

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