Skipping Sleep To Binge On TV

By Lisa Artis on August 4, 2017

Binge-watching has become a normal viewing habit but latest figures from Ofcom reveal that around 10 million Britons have skipped sleep, or made themselves tired, because of binge-watching. The temptation to stay up to find out what happens next is too much for some and the 16-24 age bracket are the worst culprits – with […]

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The Top 5 Questions We Get Asked!

By Lisa Artis on July 31, 2017

You’re not alone in wanting to know how much sleep you should get a night or if napping is really bad for you. That’s why we’ve put together the top five questions we often get asked, with the answers we always provide. How much sleep should I get a night? This is the question everyone […]

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Want to Sleep Better? Start Your Sleep Journey With Us

By Lisa Artis on July 27, 2017

A good night’s sleep is something we all want but unfortunately we don’t all achieve it. This can be down to many reasons – stress and worry, eating too late, drinking too much, partner disturbance, kids, uncomfortable bed. The list goes on. Ideally most of us would enjoy a good seven to eight hours of […]

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How To Get Kids To Sleep In Summer

By Lisa Artis on June 28, 2017

Who doesn’t love summer – lighter evenings, BBQs, warmer days and sunshine (hopefully!)? But as a parent, one thing I don’t love is trying to get my children to bed. The cries of ‘it’s still daytime’ and ‘it’s not dark yet’ are a common bedtime occurrence. While we had the longest day of the year […]

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WIN! Music Pillows For World Music Day!

By Lisa Artis on June 18, 2017

***Competition has now closed*** Did you know it’s World Music Day on June 21? Listening to calming music before bed is a great way to relax and unwind. Why not make today the day you switch off the mobile phones, TVs and games consoles in the hour before bed and try listening to some soothing […]

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You Agree That Mattresses Impact On Sleep

By Lisa Artis on June 16, 2017

The bed is often overlooked when it comes to getting a good – or a bad – night’s sleep! And yet it plays a pivotal role. Past research shows that sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can rob you of up to an hour’s vital, restful sleep. Instead of waking up refreshed, revitalised and ready to […]

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Set Bedtimes DO Work For Kids Sleep!

By Lisa Artis on May 25, 2017

It may seem simple but it’s true – a strict bedtime is the best way to ensure children get enough sleep. A recent study by Public Health Ontario in Canada found that children who were ‘encouraged’ to go to bed were 71% less likely to sleep enough. Those with ‘actual’ bedtimes were 59% more likely […]

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How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep On Holiday

By Lisa Artis on May 12, 2017

This time of year brings lighter evenings, warmer weather and the holiday season! Feeling refreshed and rested are just some of the reasons why people go away, but ensuring better sleep on holiday is important. From unfamiliar environments to irregular bedtimes and the biggest culprit, jet lag, your sleep can get disrupted in many ways […]

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Teach Students To Sleep Well In The Exam Season

By Lisa Artis on May 9, 2017

It may be the spring season, but it’s also exam season. Whether it’s the year 6s taking their SATs, the thousands prepping for GCSEs and A-Levels or the undergraduates sitting their final exams, studying is high on the agenda and sleep? Well sleep is often bottom of the list. While it is extremely important to […]

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Still Hooked On Screen Time

By Lisa Artis on May 9, 2017

Last month, my friend told me that every night before bed she listens to the same song on her phone because it puts her in the right mood for sleep. It got me thinking about what people do before they go to bed (some weird and some wonderful I’m sure) and that’s why this month’s […]

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