Buying British Is Important

By sleepcounciladmin on July 3, 2015

Throughout the month of June, we’ve been flying the flag for British made furniture and in particular the reasons for buying British beds.

So the question in this month’s poll was: Is it important to buy British? And for nearly three quarters of you (73%), it was.

Buying British Is Important

But why should we buy British? There are some good economic, social and environmental reasons to. It supports British manufacturing and employment and helps local rural and urban economies.  You can be assured the production of goods takes place under excellent labour conditions and the production processes are environmentally safe.  And the carbon footprint of British made goods is low.

In the bed industry, buying British means:

– You are supporting a thriving industry. There are more than 100 manufacturers making beds across the length and breadth of Britain, many of them National Bed Federation (NBF) Approved members.

– Being at the forefront of new development, UK bed manufacturers are among the most innovative producers of beds in the world, the inventors of the pocket spring and latex foam and early embracers of new technology, such as memory foam, as well as masters and protectors of craft traditions like tufting and hand side stitching.

– You have a very safe bed! Our beds are among the safest in the world, complying with stringent fire and other safety regulations and standards.

– Added reassurance that the bed you’re buying is clean and honest, as well as safe, if you buy from an NBF Approved member. Look out for the big tick logo. Click here for more information on what that means.

Buying British Is Important  While all this is very important, we think the love of British Made comes down to a patriotic fervour that remains a priority – even through a challenging economic climate. Supporting our own and taking pride in the products/produce we make is something we clearly think is important.

Be proud to be British!

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