Can’t Sleep On A Sunday?

By sleepcounciladmin on June 26, 2013

Can’t Sleep On A Sunday?  A recent survey has found that more than a third of Americans find Sunday the toughest night to fall asleep.

This certainly backs up our survey research which found more than half of those questioned thought Mondays were the toughest day to tear themselves away from the might of their mattress. Not surprising if we’ve been kept up all night on Sunday dreading the coming week.

So what stops us sleeping on a Sunday? Is it what lies ahead for the working week, a barrage of emails sat waiting for us, too many late nights or over-indulgence of food and alcohol?

According to sleep expert Dr Chris Idzikowski there is some scientific justification too. We go to bed later on Fridays and Saturdays and lie in longer meaning that we start to reset the internal body clock – and some of us are a lot more sensitive to such changes! By Sunday night we’re finding it harder to get to sleep earlier and get up earlier on Monday morning. The solution is, of course, to keep to regular bedtimes and consistent get up times.

Other tips to help you fall asleep easier on a Sunday night are:

  • Limit caffeine early afternoon and avoid alcohol.
  • Enjoy a Sunday stroll – exercise can help relieve the day’s stresses and strains. But not too close too bedtime or it may keep you awake!
  • Write down any worries. Getting your concerns out on paper before trying to sleep may help.
  • Sunlight can reset your body’s internal clock, so try to get 15 minutes of sunlight in the morning.
  • Your environment can make a big difference. A cool, dark, comfortable room can help you fall asleep.
  • Make sure your bed is up to scratch – not sure if it is? Take our Bed MOT here.
  • Natural sleep supplements may help some people relax and fall asleep.

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One thought on “Can’t Sleep On A Sunday?

  1. Great post…

    And also include in your tips…pray before going to sleep… I don’t know it really help me sleep with no more sleep aids…

    I suffered chronic insomnia for years. I have tried melatonin and even trying to take some anti-psychotic meds..lol.. yup i did it… But it’s when I’ve learn to keep praying and praying until I have a peaceful mind and can sleep at night well…I can easily get rest…

    No studies have done far from these… just relax your head and think of your sleeping… :))))) http://gotosleep.info/powerofprayer.html

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