Set Bedtimes DO Work For Kids Sleep!

By Lisa Artis on May 25, 2017

It may seem simple but it’s true – a strict bedtime is the best way to ensure children get enough sleep. A recent study by Public Health Ontario in Canada found that children who were […]

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Teach Students To Sleep Well In The Exam Season

By Lisa Artis on May 9, 2017

It may be the spring season, but it’s also exam season. Whether it’s the year 6s taking their SATs, the thousands prepping for GCSEs and A-Levels or the undergraduates sitting their final exams, studying is […]

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Education Sleep – Snooze Your Way to Exam Success

By sleepcounciladmin on June 8, 2016

With exam time underway, The Sleep Council is encouraging pupils to snooze their way to success. As thousands sit down to take their GCSEs and A-Levels, sleep deprivation could cause many to switch off at […]

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