Children Who Sleep Near A Smartphone Get Disturbed Rest

By sleepcounciladmin on January 8, 2015

Children Who Sleep Near A Smartphone Get Disturbed Rest  Do you let your child or teenager sleep with their smartphone, iPod or tablet next to their bed? If so, it could mean less sleep for them.

That’s according to a new study that found that children who slept next to such devices got 20.6 fewer minutes of sleep on weekdays compared to children who didn’t have them in their bedrooms. Those children were also more likely to say they felt like they hadn’t gotten enough sleep.

The study also looked at TVs in the bedroom and found that children who slept in a room with a TV reported 18 fewer minutes of sleep than those without a TV, on par with other studies. And it was reported that children went to sleep later too – by 37 minutes.

This study didn’t look into what was causing the sleep loss and tiredness — whether the kids were actually using the devices exposing themselves to light and stimulating content or whether getting notifications or messages during the night interrupted sleep.

Either way – and to be honest, it’s probably a combination of both – gadgets need to be out of the bedroom!

There has been tons of research on how technology is impacting on sleep quality (and not just for children).  A good night’s sleep is essential and getting enough allows children to react more quickly to situations, have a more developed memory, learn more effectively and solve problems.

Let us know what you think. Do you let your child or teen have gadgets in their bedroom? Does it stop them sleeping?

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