Double Beds New ‘Must Have’ For Kids?

By sleepcounciladmin on April 23, 2013

Double Beds New ‘Must Have’ For Kids?  Latest market research says that sales of the single bed have fallen in the past four years. So what you may say? But did you also know sales of children’s double bedding have increased?

According to recent reports while single beds for children are still more common, children are moving to double beds as part of a ‘digitalisation’ of a child’s bedroom.

Experts believe this is because more and more children spend time in their bedrooms sprawling out next to their laptop or computer tablet in their rooms (which is a whole other issue!) and therefore want larger beds and a greater say over the design of their room.

At The Sleep Council we like to talk about how bigger is better when it comes to the bed and there’s nothing wrong if you want to put your child in a double bed as opposed to a single. But make sure it’s for the right reasons – and not because you think if you buy a double bed now, it will last twice as long.

Any mattress, whether single or double, needs to be considered for replacement around seven to eight years old.  Even if it doesn’t look worn out, it may not be providing your child with the same comfort and support they need.  Children grow and what may have been suitable for them aged 7 isn’t likely to be at 14 or 15!

If you have children, do they have single or double beds? Would you consider buying a double bed for your child?

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