Give Mums The Gift Of A Good Night’s Sleep This Mother’s Day

By sleepcounciladmin on March 16, 2012

It’s Mothering Sunday this weekend and if you’re wondering what to get your mum, what better way to treat her than with a relaxing day in bed! Preferably in a room that’s cool, dark and peaceful, snuggled in a lovely comfy bed wrapped up in a warm duvet!

As a tired, stressed, over-worked mum myself, the gift of a good night’s sleep this Sunday would be an absolute god-send! That and maybe if the magic fairy could make an appearance and clean the whole house top to bottom, please!

Have a good night’s sleep not only makes you feel better but research has found that skipping beauty sleep will make you old. Sleeping for four hours a night for less than a week hits the body’s ability to process and store carbohydrates and regulate hormone levels. These changes mimic many of the hallmarks of advanced ageing. And let’s face it no mums want to look old!

Plus sleep is slimming (bonus!). It was reported in the media today that getting just one hour less of sleep a day develops hunger pangs which make you eat the equivalent of an extra meal.

Give Mums The Gift Of A Good Night’s Sleep This Mother’s Day  But a lie-in is no good, if the bed isn’t comfy! Make sure your mum is sleeping on a bed that is supportive and comfortable. If the bed is more than seven years; it sags; is lumpy or looks best its best, then it’s time your mum deserved a new one and while a bed is an expensive Mother’s Day present, it certainly is something that she should be treated to at some point!

So this Mother’s Day (if anyone is listening) what I really really want is a good night’s sleep – because even though I will be tired, stress and over-worked, I will look young and slim!

What do you want this Mother’s Day?

Lisa – The Sleep Council Team

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