Have You Heard About the Van Man Scam?

By sleepcounciladmin on February 17, 2014

Have You Heard About the Van Man Scam?  A few months back a friend of mine was outside her house when a man pulled up in a white van and asked if she wanted to buy a cheap mattress.

Obviously she declined but it got us thinking here at The Sleep Council about how often this actually happens and how many people out there are buying mattresses off a back of a van, without really knowing what they’re buying?

The National Bed Federation, the trade association for the UK bed industry, believes hundreds, if not thousands, of so-called ‘bargain mattresses’ are being sold across the country each week.

But these mattresses are not bargains at all. Not only could they be fire hazards – ie they don’t meet UK flammability regulations – but they are often just discarded old mattresses that have been recovered by rogue traders who then sell them on ‘as new’.  Some of these traders are even copying well-known manufacturers and retailers logos onto their vans to further fool consumers into believing they are ‘bagging a bargain’ – shocking isn’t it?

But what’s more shocking is that people really do believe they are ‘bagging a bargain’.  Realistically, though, with something that is being sold door-to-door how can you check what it really is (you can’t exactly open up a mattress!) and who do you complain to if it’s not right?

Have You Heard About the Van Man Scam?  That’s why we are fully behind the NBF’s new Mark of Approval scheme. All its manufacturing members (for a list, click here) have been independently audited to ensure they follow the tough procedures that comply with flammability, health and hygiene and trade descriptions regulations.  So for added reassurance that the mattress you’re buying is safe, clean and honest ie it is what it says it is, then look for the NBF Approved logo – those bed manufacturers who are using the logo have really earned the right to use it!

emember a really cheap offer is cheap for a reason and you might not get what you bargained for!

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