Hitting the January Sales For A New Bed?

By sleepcounciladmin on December 26, 2012

Hitting the January Sales For A New Bed?  Are you thinking about buying a new bed in the January sales? Buying a new bed is a big investment, but one that’s worth it – and even more so if your New Year’s resolution is to sleep better.

A good night’s sleep makes us all feel so much better and a comfortable, supportive bed is essential for getting it – research has proved it too! However the most basic rule to remember that a bed is only worth what you pay for it. A £1,000 bed on sale for £500 is not a bargain if it’s not the right bed for you.

Before you step into store have a look at our top bed buying tips below:

– Spend as much as you can afford. Instead of buying the bed you might have chosen during a non-sale period more cheaply, take the opportunity to trade up to a more luxurious model.
– Buy as big a bed as you can: a roomy king-sized bed will ensure less partner disturbance during the night than a standard double (at just 4’6” wide it only offers each adult the same space as a child’s cot!). So take advantage of the low prices to trade up a size.
– Avoid the ‘Seven Year Hitch’ – the point at which existing beds may still look good but are beginning to offer less support than a new one. Seize the sales opportunity to invest in a better night’s sleep if your bed is seven years old or more.
– Only buy a drawer divan if you really need extra storage space: four drawers can account for well over £100 of the purchase price – money better invested in a good quality mattress. The same applies to other features – only go for them if they offer real benefits.
– Make shopping for a new bed a special trip – you’ll choose more wisely if you are not in a rush, tired or harassed.
– Dress sensibly and comfortably so you can lie down properly on a selection of beds in your normal sleeping position without feeling embarrassed.
– Once you’ve narrowed your choice down to between one and three beds, spend a good five to 10 minutes or more lying down on each one.
– If the bed is for two, you should try it out together.
– Remember that every £100 invested in a new bed costs less than four pence a night over seven years – now that’s a real bargain!

Are you looking to buy a bed in the sales? How much would you spend on a new bed?

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7 thoughts on “Hitting the January Sales For A New Bed?

  1. Thanks for these useful tips, am looking to get a new bed and this is just what I needed. I think people really skimp on good beds and it is crazy given how long people spend sleeping.

    1. Mat, it is amazing how little people value their sleep. We think nothing of spending £1-2k on a new sofa but people seem to balk at spending that on a bed – when in reality we spend a lot more time in bed, than we do sitting on a sofa. And sleep is critical for making you feel good the next day! Glad you found the tips useful.

  2. New beds are worth it! Especially if you don’t have the best mattress right now. I love the sleep that comes with a better mattress, way worth the investment if you ask me!

  3. I am not sleeping well at all and I think it is because I can’t get used to sharing the bed with my partner as I am a light sleeper. We already have a king size bed and we are thinking of upsizing to super king to solve the problem. Does this seem a bit extreme?

    1. Hi Amy, it isn’t extreme if you can’t get a good night’s sleep! Partner disturbance is one of the most common problems for lack of sleep. The average person tosses and turns some 60 to 70 times a night – so you do want to put as much space between you and your partner as possible to reduce the disturbance factor. If you find your king size bed isn’t giving you the room then maybe look at investing in a bigger bed. However do check that there isn’t any other underlying factors while you aren’t sleeping well though and make sure you’re sleep environment is ideal – visit http://www.perfectsleepenvironment.org.uk for some tips. Obviously you don’t say if this is a new partner, a new bedroom or a new bed so without further information I can’t advise you fully. I hope this helps Amy. Best regards, Lisa

  4. Great Advises! It’s incredibly hard to think about a mattress as a long time investment but going for the cheapest option may not be the best way to go! I would also recommend trying the new bed with the pillow you are going to use! Great post and very interesting blog! Sleep on!

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