How Much Sleep Do We Get?

By sleepcounciladmin on August 3, 2015

Pick up a newspaper or magazine and chances are you’ll see the latest report on how we are a sleep deprived nation.

And it’s true. A huge percentage of us are not getting enough sleep. 

Sleep is really important – not only does it make you look better but having a good restful night’s sleep makes you feel so much better the next day. Plus it has a host of health benefits too!

So throughout July we asked the question “on average how much sleep do you get a night?” And here’s the results:

How Much Sleep Do We Get?

The biggest percentage (27%) came in the 5-6 hours a night bracket, closely followed by 26% getting 6-7 hours a night. A worrying 18% slept for less than five hours.

The rise in the number of people getting less than six hours sleep is certainly a concern with research suggesting that mental and physical problems become more pronounced in those sleeping for less than six hours.

The stats all point to the fact that those who frequently get fewer than six hours a night are at significantly increased risk of stroke and heart disease. Not sleeping enough may ramp up the ‘fight or flight’ response to stress, releasing hormones that speed up heart rate and raise blood pressure. Not only are there increased health risks with routinely sleeping less than six hours but it can also impact on attention, concentration and memory.

As a nation we aren’t sleeping as well as we used to. And for that we can blame our busy lifestyles, our addiction to gadgets etc. A little less sleep isn’t a problem but if you do find yourself regularly getting less than six hours a night and feeling pretty tired all the time, then it might be time to overhaul your sleep and lifestyle habits.

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