The Sleep Council Oonagh-Connor-approved-re-sized-231x300 How Your Bed Could Be the Best Way to Avoid Unwanted Eye Shadows and Bags in the Morning  We’ve been amazed at the findings from our recent survey which looked into sleep and beauty and how it affects how you look and feel.

Did you know that one in 10 women feel so tired it affects their appearance every single day? Shadows and bags under the eyes, washed out and pasty skin are the top complaints.

And because of the above fact women spend between £11-30 a month on cosmetics, skin care products and facials, with some prepared to pay up to a whopping £100 a month and even more. Yet a great night’s sleep is much more effective and costs a whole lot less!

A £500 bed works out at just £5.85 per month over seven years- a bargain price for looking and feeling good!

Our survey also found more than nine out of 10 women agreed the best tonic to looking and/or feeling better was a good night’s sleep. Yet just over half take to their beds for a lie-in or early night. Nearly a third try to soldier on and mask the signs of fatigue with make-up – wonder how many of us do that?!

Even top make up expert, Oonagh Connor says that: “Make-up is an effective way of covering up the signs of tiredness but nothing beats a good night’s sleep, and a smile to keep you looking your best!”

And it seems that women are still cheered up by the sneaky sights of ‘celebrity shocker’ snaps with more than four in 10 admitting they enjoyed seeing pictures of celebrities not looking their best as “it makes me feel better to know that they can look like that too.” Do you like seeing celebs not looking their mighty best too?

We would love to hear your comments below especially about how much you spend on cosmetics and skin care products a month and if you can remember when you bought your bed!

Oonagh Connor will be sharing some top tips for masking the signs of tiredness on our blog soon – so why not subscribe to receive notification of new posts from us now so you don’t miss out!

Look forward to hearing from you.
Lisa – The Sleep Council Team

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