It’s All About Sleep For September

By sleepcounciladmin on August 26, 2016

It’s All About Sleep For September  Whether you love to sleep or want to sleep more then this is the month for you!

Yes for the fourth year running we’re running our Sleeptember campaign again looking into how well you sleep, how you can achieve better sleep and what benefits a good night’s sleep can bring. 

Over the next month we’ll be writing a number of blogs on different sleep topics and frequently asked questions as well as giving you some of our very best tips.  However if there is any burning requests you have for us, let us know and we’ll try to answer it for you.  Email lisa@sleepcouncil.org.uk

We know we harp on about it here but sleep is critical to health and wellbeing and as a nation we really aren’t getting enough!

With research telling us that a third of us now sleep for just five-to-six hours a night, it’s imperative that we start focusing on sleeping better. It is a basic and fundamental human requirement and is vitally important for good physical, mental and emotional health as well as crucial for memory, learning and growth.

So for the month of Sleeptember we are urging you all to take the time to put sleep top of the agenda! We’ll be giving you lots of handy hints and tips so don’t forget to look out for us on Facebook and Twitter too.

Get set to sleep folks!

3 thoughts on “It’s All About Sleep For September

  1. Absolutely love it!

    People should definitely be making sleep a higher priority and what better way to make that happen than dedicating a whole month to it!

    I look forward to reading more as September begins!

  2. Great idea thanks. Yes it seems that we are only beginning to figure out just how important sleep is to our overall health, wellness and happiness.
    It is strange that for so many years we were told to get up an hour early to achieve our dreams and yet staying in bed and actually dreaming taking things slower may have been a better chioce!
    Can’t wait to read the hints!

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