Key To Winning? Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

By sleepcounciladmin on April 24, 2015

Key To Winning? Getting A Good Night’s Sleep  It’s the London Marathon this weekend and as thousands get some last minute training in, we’re urging all those participating to remember to get a good night’s sleep before the big day!

Not only is exercise good for sleep but sleep is good for exercise.  Those who take part in sport professionally – or just for leisure – need sleep to be at their best.

A 2007 study by Stanford University California found that athletes who slept for up to 10 hours a night showed significant improvements in sprint times, shooting percentages, and energy levels after a few weeks compared with their performances when they managed only 6-8 hours a night. The same university also found in 2011 that while quality unbroken sleep is essential for us all, it’s never more so than for athletes. If you’re consistently sleep-deprived your ability to adapt is lessened, due to alterations in the processes required for muscle tissue and growth hormone.

So a quick word of advice for the runners this weekend – if you want to perform at your best, get plenty of rest!

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