The Sleep Council BuyBritish-Logo-Square-300x292 GREAT BRITAIN GOES TO BED  A peek beneath the sheets of the very best beds reveals a Union Jack.

The Sleep Council has launched a month-long Buy British Beds campaign for June and with it, an easily recognised red, white and blue ticket to identify a UK-made bed.

Said Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council: “There are many reasons for choosing to buy British when buying a bed and we have a long history of producing the best beds in the world.”

British bed making is a thriving industry with more than 100 manufacturers making beds across the length and breadth of Britain, many of them National Bed Federation (NBF) Approved members. They are also among the most innovative producers of beds in the world, creating latex foam mattresses and embracing new technology, such as memory foam, alongside craft traditions like tufting and hand side stitching.

British bed innovators invented pocket springing more than a century ago – and are still unrivalled in this technique.

Said Lisa: “For extra reassurance that the bed you’re buying is safe, clean and honest make sure you look out for those that feature the NBF Approved logo as well as the Union Jack.”

And a great British bed is the foundation to a good night’s sleep so the Union Jack label is a passport to better health and wellbeing as well as an assurance of a top quality product.

Said Lisa: “Follow the advice in our Good Night Guide – which is packed with tips on how to achieve the best night’s sleep – along with a British bed and you won’t go far wrong in getting a good night’s kip!”

And just for fun, here’s The Sleep Council’s look at all things British beds and bed-related:

• The Great Bed of Ware – made in 1590 as a tourist attraction for pilgrims travelling between London and Walsingham, it is more than three metres wide and reputedly sleeps up to 12 people. It is currently in the Victoria and Albert Museum and is described as one of its “greatest treasures”.

• Tracey Emin, My Bed – this art installation was shortlisted for the Turner Prize and was first exhibited at the Tate Modern in 1999. Now back at the Tate, My Bed depicts Emin’s own bed after a traumatic relationship breakdown.

• Shakespeare’s second best bed – playwright William Shakespeare famously bequeathed his “second best bed” to his wife, Anne. Historians vary in their interpretations, but it is generally thought that this would have been their marital bed and therefore not an insult.

• John Lennon’s Bed-In – former Beatle John Lennon and his second wife, Yoko Ono, spent two separate weeks in bed in Amsterdam and Montreal hotels to protest at the war in Vietnam.

• Winston Churchill’s bedroom bunker – from this modest boudoir it is said the Second World War was won. Churchill was also a famous advocate of getting enough sleep – he recommended a proper sleep after lunch every day.

• Bedknobs and Broomsticks – in this film, children evacuated to London during the Second World War to live with a young witch enjoyed adventures on their magic, flying bed.

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