The Sleep Council Sleep-in-Day-jpeg-300x152 NATIONAL SLEEP IN DAY - IT’S TIME TO HIBERNATE  Head for bed!  That’s the message from The Sleep Council as the nights start to draw in and National Sleep In Day approaches on 30 October – the day the clocks go back and winter really arrives.

“As the temperature starts to drop and the evenings become darker, summer really feels like a distant memory and people naturally spend more time in their beds,” said Lisa Artis at The Sleep Council.

A current Sleep Council online poll reveals more than half (57%*) of people would prefer a longer lie in to hanky panky with their extra hour in bed.

Continued Lisa: “Who hasn’t snuggled further under the covers for a little extra sleep on a cold morning? And what a perfect opportunity to do so with your extra hour on National Sleep In Day.”

Here are some easy tips to help you cosy up and keep warm this winter;

1.    Bed Essentials
If you’re buying a new bed for winter, look for a mattress which has a ‘warm’ side, and a soft sleeping surface is a better insulator than a flat one.  Using a fleecy under-blanket will help to retain the heat. Choose a duvet with a high tog rating or use several layers of bedding rather than one single layer – layers will trap warm air and are easily removed if you get too hot.

2.    Preparation is Key
Before going to bed, have a warm bath to relax and help you feel sleepy. Make a warm, milky drink to sip on before you switch off.

Light exercise a few hours before bedtime will get your circulation going to help keep the body warm – but vigorous exercise very close to bedtime may make you feel too energised to sleep.

3.    Dress For Bed
Wear night clothes such as pyjamas or a large T-shirt to keep you warm.  Natural fibres such as wool, cotton or silk will keep you warmer than synthetic materials.

4.    Bedroom Temperature Control
Keep the bedroom warm, but not too hot, and free from draughts. Don’t make your partner suffer if you prefer different temperatures and reach for the socks if you get cold feet.

5.    If You’re Cold In Bed…
A hot water bottle is an ideal way to keep warm once in bed.  Make sure it has a cover on it to avoid scalding, and so that it won’t feel cold in the middle of the night. Electric blankets are ideal too. Using under-blankets will warm the bed up before you retire for the night, while overblankets maintain a constant temperature throughout the night.

6.    Can’t Get Out of Bed?
Waking up is hard to do – especially when it’s still dark and cold outside. You could try a sunshine alarm clock that brightens gradually to simulate daylight, and set your heating to come on at a certain time so it’s warm when you get out of bed.

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