The Sleep Council Cover-pic-of-leaflet1-141x300 New Sleep Council guide to a great night's sleep  An all-new expert guide to achieving a great night’s sleep has been published by The Sleep Council.

The Good-Night Guide is available, free of charge, both on and offline and contains a host of useful new tips that even seasoned insomniacs will find helpful.

From turning the bedroom into a perfect sleep environment to dealing with stress and worry and eating the right sort of sleep-inducing foods, the Good-Night Guide offers the very latest advice for getting a good night’s kip.

Said Jessica Alexander of The Sleep Council: “We wanted to give people genuinely useful and in depth advice that goes beyond the usual common sense tips. Achieving a good night’s sleep is a problem for an awful lot of people, but as our new leaflet shows, there are all sorts of things that can be done to ensure they get the sleep they need.”

Written by established author, nutritionist and health expert Yinka Thomas, the Good-Night Guide offers tips on relaxation and breathing, explains the potential benefits of sleep restriction and highlights the advantages of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

The leaflet is based on Yinka’s in-depth book, ‘Get A Good Night’s Sleep – 7 Practical Steps’, which is available to download from The Sleep Council website, as is an iPhone/iPad app, SleepWell, featuring a selection of relaxing soundtracks and a sleep quality measuring tool.

“The new guide really does offer a wide range of advice dealing with the many different issues that can affect quality sleep,” said Jessica. “We know that regular exercise can help with better sleep quality and the guide deals with that as well as the importance of a good bed to a good night’s sleep – plus the threat to sleep posed by our technology-led lifestyles.”

The all-new Good-Night Guide is available as a hard copy by calling The Sleep Council’s freephone on 0800 0187923 or by emailing A downloadable version is also available through the website here.

For more information on how to get your bedroom ‘sleep ready’ visit

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