The Sleep Council low-res-Game-On-SC-warns-too-many-bedroom-distractions-may-lead-to-Junk-Sleep-217x300 SLEEP COUNCIL HITS OUT AT NOT-SO-SMART-SLEEP  Gadgetry is seriously damaging the nation’s sleep health.

So says The Sleep Council following yet more evidence that technology is playing havoc with our bed times. According to online sources* 95% of people say they regularly browse the web, text or watch TV in the hour before bed.

And mobile phones are proving particular culprits. One in four people don’t silence their mobiles before bed and one in 10 say they are awakened at least a few times a week by phone calls, texts or emails. Half of those questioned say if they wake in the night for no reason, they’ll check their phone right away.

Incredibly, one in three smartphone owners would rather give up sex than their phone – and a massive 90% of 18 to 29-year-olds say they sleep with their phone in or right next to their bed.

Hardly surprising then, that 63% of participants said that their sleep needs were not met during the week!

Said Jessica Alexander of The Sleep Council: “Our desk research backs up our own data which shows 97% of British people have at least one electronic item near to their bed – such as a TV, computer or mobile.

“It’s an extremely worrying trend which is contributing to a sleep deprivation epidemic that is taking its toll on our health and our ability to feel and perform at our best.

“Our advice is that the bedroom should be kept gadget-free and a place where a good, comfortable bed and a good night’s sleep take centre stage. While technology has become an integral and vital part of our lives, it is important that people keep its importance in perspective and refocus on the need to sleep well.

“Research also shows us that sleeping an average of less than six hours per night raises lifetime heart attack risk by 50%, so the value of good sleep cannot be over estimated.”

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