The Sleep Council LOW-RES-NBF-APPROVED-LOGO-for-press-300x136 SLEEP SAFE. SLEEP SOUND. LOOK FOR THE BIG TICK LOGO.  Buying a new bed? Then look for the new National Bed Federation’s (NBF) ‘big tick’ mark of approval to be sure you’re buying a safe, clean and honest product from a reputable manufacturer.

That’s the advice from The Sleep Council as National Bed Month (March) gets underway. It comes in the wake of recent horror stories about fake fire labels being found on non-compliant beds in well-known retail stores; and rip-off traders selling grotty old mattresses in cheap new covers from the back of vans. At worst these so-called ‘bargain beds’ could be potentially lethal fire hazards  – and at best uncomfortable and dirty.

The new NBF Approved ‘big tick’ logo is only awarded to British manufacturers who pass rigorous independent testing to ensure the mattresses they produce meet the UKs stringent flammability regulations, are hygienic – and exactly what they say they are.

“There have been a number of scare stories in the media recently highlighting some dangerous and illegal practices,” says Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council. “Mattresses which don’t meet UK flam regs are highly dangerous and potentially lethal. If ignited they quickly burst into flames and give off a deadly black smoke.

“Add that to the fact that there are now hundreds, possibly thousands of people being conned into buying rip-off mattresses from the back of vans which tour neighbourhoods looking for opportunist sales and it’s no wonder people no longer know who they can trust.

“Some of the more brazen traders are even using the logos of well-known manufacturers and retailers on their vans to further fool consumers into believing they are ‘bagging a bargain’ In fact, these unscrupulous dealers are usually selling discarded old mattresses, intercepted on their way to disposal and then recovered so they can be passed off as new.

“The new NBF mark of approval will only be found on beds being sold by reputable retailers and is one way the public can be sure they are buying a product which is safe, clean and honest.” As well as endorsing the new NBF Approved initiative, The Sleep Council is further helping consumers buy the right bed with the launch, in time for Bed Month, of its brand new Bed Buyers Guide. The indispensable guide includes advice on the latest types of bed available – and the latest ways of buying them.

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