The Sleep Council sleeptember-rgb-lo-res-300x154 The Sleep Council is encouraging people to switch off their gadgets  The Sleep Council is encouraging people to switch off their gadgets before bed for Sleeptember (September 2017).

“With schools back and the world of work now in full swing following the summer holidays, it’s all-too-easy for people to use the hours before bed to catch up on emails and social media,” said Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council.

“We’re encouraging people throughout September to switch off their gadgets at least an hour before bed to help them get a better night’s sleep.”

According to the University of Hertfordshire, almost six in 10 Britons are sleep deprived – an increase of 50% since 2013 – with gadget use near to bedtime thought to be a major contributing factor.

Said Lisa: “Excessive screen time in the run up to bed time stimulates the brain making it harder to switch off. The blue light that emits from these devices plays havoc with the body’s circadian rhythms by supressing the sleep inducing hormone, melatonin, which is what we need to feel sleepy.”

One in four people don’t silence their mobiles before bed and one in 10 say they are woken up at least a few times a week by phone calls, texts or emails. Half of those questioned say if they wake in the night for no reason, they’ll check their phone right away.

Said Lisa: “Bedrooms are a place for rest, relaxation and intimacy. Unfortunately, many of us consider our bedrooms as extensions of our living rooms and studies, and so introduce digital distractions into the mix.

“A bedroom should be a calm, relaxed space with no requirement for technological toys. Banning TVs, computers, phones and tablets from the room will help people fall asleep more quickly and be less disturbed throughout the night.”

Sleeptember is The Sleep Council’s month-long awareness campaign to highlight the healthy benefits of a good night’s sleep.

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