Look out for the Buy British Beds logo

By sleepcounciladmin on May 22, 2012

Look out for the Buy British Beds logo  Keep your eyes peeled this summer for retailers displaying our new ‘Buy British Beds’ logo.

With patriotic fervour at a high we are helping retailers to flag British made beds with a special version of our Sleep Council logo that features a Union Jack face that can be used to help you quickly pick out a bed that has been made in Britain.

There are many reasons for choosing to buy British when buying a bed – from the fact we have a long history of producing the best beds in the world to knowing that buying British is to buy a bed that will unquestionably meet the UK’s stringent fire safety regulations which are among the toughest in the world.

British bed making continues to be a thriving industry with more than a hundred manufacturers making beds across the length and breadth of Britain ranging from hand crafted bespoke products to large scale mass production. Traditional and new technology exist side by side as the industry constantly embraces both new and long-established methods.

So look out for the logo this summer and support Britain!
Do you like our new logo? As always we would love to hear your comments.

Lisa – The Sleep Council Team

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One thought on “Look out for the Buy British Beds logo

  1. Love the new logo, Proud to be built in Britain it says to us.
    Be sure we will look out for it and give it our full support.

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