You might think that your romantic plans for Valentine’s Day speak volumes about your relationship – but in fact it could be how you sleep that is most revealing!

Over the years there’s been a ton of research into how many couples now sleep apart and how beneficial – or not beneficial – it is for your sleep.   Studies have also indicated that poor sleep (possibly caused by sharing a bed?) has a negative impact on romantic relationships and research from the University of California-Berkeley supported the case that sleepless nights can worsen lovers’ fights – yep, been there, done that!

So how many of us still share a bed? Our own monthly website poll last year revealed that we do still like sharing a bed with our significant other – with nearly half snuggling up together. And stats from our 2013 Great British Bedtime Report found that sharing a bed with our other half aided good quality sleep – 82% who slept very well always shared their bed, while 17% who slept very poorly were sleeping alone.

Recent consumer research suggests only 28% buy a king or super king size which we find extraordinary! However it is reported that around 50% of sleep disturbance is caused by sharing a bed so if you partner disturbs your sleep on a frequent basis it may be worth looking at a larger or separate beds. If you’re not sleeping comfortably you could be losing up to an hour’s worth of shut eye.

Here’s our top tips for ensuring you have a successful night under the duvet together this Valentines:

• Make sure you’ve got enough duvet to go around! Duvet hogging is a common grumble among those sharing a bed.

• Take snoring seriously. It’s really very annoying especially if it’s a regular occurrence and one of the main factors in why couples sleep separately. But it could also be a sign of a medical problem that needs treating, see a GP for advice.

• Buy a bigger bed. Did you know that a double bed only gives you and your partner the same space to sleep in as a cot? With the average person tossing and turning up to 60 times a night you’re bound to be disturbed by a restless sleeper. Not only is it investment in your sleep, it’s investment for your relationship. If you’ve not tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing. In a trial only 15% of participants had their eye on a king size at the start, but after trying it out 50% were up for upgrading!

• Turn off gadgets before bed – they’re a turn off for your partner too! Plus the blue light that emits from mobiles, iPads etc can unconsciously play havoc with your body’s circadian rhythms and wake you up at inopportune times.

Remember that bedtime should be a blissful part of any day – not just Valentine’s day – the point at which you close the door on the world, cosy up together in bed and then drift off into a solid night’s sleep.

So on that note, I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day – enjoy!


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