Make Bedtime ‘Book time’ for World Book Day

By sleepcounciladmin on March 5, 2015

Make Bedtime ‘Book time’ for World Book Day  As a lover of books I love today – World Book Day!

It’s primarily an initiative that is aimed at children and schools to celebrate reading but it’s also a great opportunity to remind adults about the benefits of reading a good book too – much better than tweeting or Facebooking!

Here at the Sleep Council we’re big believers in reading – especially when it’s used as part of a bedtime routine. 

With an abundance of technology at their fingertips, so many children today prefer to sit in front of the TV, play on their tablets or message their friends on their smartphones rather than sit down and read a good book. But it’s really important that children – and adults – learn to switch off before bed and relax properly.

Removing or limiting distractions in the bedroom (games machines, TVs and mobiles) and in particular avoiding screen time in the hour before bed will go a long way to achieving a good night’s sleep.  There’s been lots of research over the past few years that has found distractions in the bedroom are at the root of many sleep related problems which in turn is having an effect on behaviour and harming performance at school.

So for World Book Day – and going forward – challenge your children (and yourself) to change your bedtime routine to a more restful one.  Go back to basics and step away from the gadgets – pick up a book instead! 

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