Make Sleep Your Top Resolution This Year

By sleepcounciladmin on January 6, 2015

Make Sleep Your Top Resolution This Year

So what’s the betting we’ve all made the following New Year’s resolutions – eat better, drink less, lose weight, exercise more etc?

This time of year sees the sales of diet books, exercise dvds and gym memberships soar as we all try to start the New Year with a New Us.

But all this could be to no avail if we don’t sleep well. There is so much out there about how we should exercise for 30 minutes three times a week and get our five-a-day but there’s never any mention about sleep. Yet a good night’s sleep makes us all feel so much better and can actually help in keeping the inches off your waistline.

With research telling us that a third of us now sleep for just five-to-six hours a night, it’s imperative that we start focusing on sleeping better. It is a basic and fundamental human requirement and is vitally important for good physical, mental and emotional health as well as crucial for memory, learning and growth.

If you don’t sleep well, go back to basics. Take a look at your sleep environment and how you can improve it, put the smartphone/tablet down before bed and practice better relaxation techniques, invest in a new bed and if you still can’t work out what’s stopping you sleeping, why not keep a sleep diary? All simple ideas that could make for a better you this year.

So, this year make a resolution which you could easily keep – and that’s to get a good night’s kip!

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