Mattress Buying Habits

By sleepcounciladmin on June 14, 2016

On the back of our ‘May be time for a new mattress campaign’ which ran throughout May we wanted to find out “when you last bought a mattress, what did you buy?”

And here are the results:

Mattress Buying Habits

A third of you bought a mattress with a divan base and nearly a quarter bought with a frame. It was reassuring to see that just over half of you do buy a mattress with some kind of base but nearly a third (30%) bought just a mattress.

When buying a new bed it can be false economy to change only the mattress and keep the original base, especially if you are buying a divan set. The old base could reduce the useful life of the new mattress as well as the comfort and support it can offer. It can also invalidate manufacturers’ warranties or guarantees. A bed is a mattress and a base working together – don’t consider them in isolation.

Watch our Sleep Scientist explain why a new mattress on an old bed can seriously reduce its performance.

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One thought on “Mattress Buying Habits

  1. Hello

    it sounds logical when we think about the divan base, as the old one may contain bugs, mites, etc.

    What are the other reasons?
    You say that using the old frame is not good, but what if it is a wooden frame?

    Wood remains good for long, and is natural and thus healthy.

    Thank you and best wishes

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