The Sleep Council Bed-replacement-inforgraphic-300x300 Mattresses Are Most Unwanted Second Hand Item  Did you know that, according to a recent poll, the most unwanted second-hand item is a mattress? And to be honest that’s not a surprise!

Second hand beds are bad for you. They offer poor support and are unhygienic- harbouring lots of nasties.

Here’s why you wouldn’t want a hand me down mattress:

• Yuk! On average we lose half a pint of fluid each night and shed a pound of dead skin cells a year so if your mattress belonged to somebody else before you, you’re sharing their bed mites and dead skin too – not to mention goodness knows what other unmentionables!

• This build-up of moisture and skin scales makes beds a favourite breeding ground for the common dust mite: bad news for the nation’s 2-3 million asthma sufferers. Just two micrograms per gram (mcg/g) of dust mite allergen can cause hypersensitivity in asthma sufferers, while 10 mcg/g can pose a serious health risk. Around one in five aged mattresses can contain between two and 10mcg/g of the dust mite allergen and one in 20 has above 10mcg/g.

• A second hand mattress at worst may be completely worn out, at best moulded to someone else’s shape – which means it’s not going to be as comfortable or supportive as a new mattress.

• Chances are if you’re suffering from back pain the old mattress could be to blame. In America, back pain sufferers reported a 63% improvement after sleeping on a new bed.

• An old bed contributes to more tossing and turning than a new bed, that’s according to a French clinical study.  Those who tossed and turned less enjoyed much better quality sleep.

• Independent test house FIRA (the Furniture Industry Research Association) confirms that a bed’s materials could have deteriorated by as much as 60-70% after seven years. Watch this video for more info.

• Just because a mattress doesn’t appear to have any working parts, don’t be lulled into a false sense it’s not wearing out. In <a href=”” target=”_blank”>seven years</a>, it’s been bearing up under the stresses and strains you, your spouse, your family, your family pets etc impose on it nightly, so will not be giving you the support or comfort you need for a healthy, refreshing night’s sleep.

• Research has found that when replacing an uncomfortable old bed with a new one there was an associated increase in sleep by 42 minutes – now who wouldn’t want that?!

• A lot of second hand/hand me down beds end up in children’s bedrooms. While many parents don’t hesitate to spend £50 on a pair of properly measured shoes that will only last a couple of months, they’re more than prepared to let the same child sleep on an old mattress which should have been thrown out years ago. Sleep is crucial for the development of children so make sure they’re sleeping on a comfortable, supportive bed.

• And lastly, the chances are if someone else doesn’t want to sleep on it, you won’t want to either!

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