Monday Morning Blues – Don’t Worry It’s Just Social Jet Lag!

By sleepcounciladmin on July 24, 2012

Monday Morning Blues – Don’t Worry It’s Just Social Jet Lag!  Scientists have come up with a great excuse for why we struggle to get out of bed on a Monday morning – social jet lag!

By sleeping in at the weekend, our body clocks re-set so when the alarm clock goes off early on a Monday morning, it leaves us too tired for the working week – and it can take up to mid-week before we feel any less groggy.

Immediate effects of ‘social jet lag’ include poorer memory and reaction times – definitely not a good start to a working week. And research shows that repeated changes to sleep patterns can also make you fatter and more likely to turn to cigarettes and caffeine.

Last year our own survey found that Monday was by far and away the hardest day of the week for people to drag themselves out of bed to go to work. Whether it’s what lies ahead for the working week, a barrage of emails sat waiting for us, too many late nights or over-indulgence of food and alcohol; it seems many of us suffer from the Sunday Night Blues.

While travel jet lag is only endured occasionally, social jet lag hits us nearly every week. The solution is, of course, to keep to regular bedtimes and consistent get up times.

Do you suffer from social jet lag?

Lisa – The Sleep Council Team

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