New Homes Are Scuppering A Good Night’s Kip

By sleepcounciladmin on December 17, 2015

New Homes Are Scuppering A Good Night’s Kip
Bigger is better

Once again the latest report from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has highlighted that new homes are far too small for people to live in them comfortably with many not meeting the minimum space standard required.

And when it comes to bedroom sizes tiny rabbit hutch new-builds means there’s no chance of accommodating a king sized or super king sized bed.

Yet most couples would choose a king-sized rather than a standard double bed because more space means less partner disturbance and therefore better sleep.  You should be able to lie side by side, with your arms behind your head and your elbows out, without touching.

Did you know for instance that a standard double bed (135cm/4ft 6in) gives each person just 2ft 3in of space – less than a baby in a cot? 

Ergonomic studies also show that couples sleep better in a bigger bed. Before the trials only 15% said they would buy a larger than standard bed.  Afterwards 50% said they would. (Ergonomic pilot study by the National Bed Federation, 1995.)

In 1993 king-sized beds accounted for 20% of double bed sales and by 2004 had reached 30% of all sales. Since then the figure has risen much more slowly and is now stuck at around the 33% mark. 

RIBA is now campaigning for bigger houses and we’re behind them! Let’s face it – bigger is definitely better – especially when it comes to beds!

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One thought on “New Homes Are Scuppering A Good Night’s Kip

  1. When people need to pay high for their house, they need to choose small house to save the money. It’s happening in the most of large city. I also feel that, a big house or big bedroom can increase the happiness. We have big bedroom but we did a mistake when we purchase the bed, we have purchased a queen size bed and after reading your blog, I understand that it’s can be a reason of our bad sleep (not for all time, it’s happening sometime). Thanks for sharing.

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