The Sleep Council Video-main-image New Light Hearted Video Series To Put To Bed Key Sleep Messages  The subject of sleep is very important to us here at The Sleep Council and whether it’s through our social media, PR campaigns, leaflets or videos we’re always drilling home the serious message about good sleep habits and the importance of a comfortable, supportive bed in achieving a good night’s sleep.

But it’s also important to have a little fun and that’s why our latest campaign is a series of six humorous videos headed up by our slightly eccentric, comical Sleep Scientist (played by actor, Dominic Woodward).

Five of the videos explain why consumers should:
– Always buy a mattress and base together
– Replace beds every seven years
– Buy bigger beds
– Choose beds made by NBF members who follow a strict Code of Compliance to health and safety regulations
– Consider the value of a new bed in terms of its daily cost

The final video focuses on the Perfect Sleep Environment – that is, the perfect bedroom conditions for a good night’s sleep.

All our research over the years points to the fact that consumers still undervalue the importance of investing in a good bed to enhance their sleep quality. The videos have been produced to raise awareness of some the main reasons for investing in a new bed on a regular basis – instead of waiting until it collapses or until you can’t stand the aches and pains from an uncomfortable bed any longer!

The full series of videos can be found on YouTube here

Please note that the one titled ‘Sleep scientist eats bugs to show why you need to buy a new mattress’ is an outtake and does contain one swear word at the end.

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