New Teen Sleep Site Has Launched

By sleepcounciladmin on April 10, 2015

New Teen Sleep Site Has Launched  As teens up and down the country head into the stressful exam season, we at The Sleep Council, along with help from The Children’s Sleep Charity, have developed a brand new Teen Sleep website www.teen-sleep.org.uk

Aimed directly at the teen, rather than the parent, it looks at what can help or hinder their sleep through an interactive bedroom graphic. Practical pointers on what they can do to improve their sleep include why switching off gadgets, the right and wrong foods to eat and relaxing is important.

It’s important to remind children and teens that a good night’s sleep triggers changes in the brain that help to improve memory, meaning they’ll be much better able to remember what they learnt the day before. Lack of sleep can end up clouding judgement or increasing the number of mistakes made but it also impacts on mood, weight, skin, what they eat and health.

It’s not just around the exam season that kids don’t sleep well. Pressures of relationships with friends, social activities, part-time jobs and a host of fluctuating emotions can make it difficult for your teenager to relax at night.  Add to this an out-of-sync sleeping cycle and you may find that your teen finds it hard to fall asleep at night and wake up early in the morning. 

If you have a child/teen that isn’t sleeping and won’t take advice well from yourself, why not direct them to www.teen-sleep.org.uk

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