Advice Sheets

Practical sleep tips

Some helpful tips on improving sleep from creating the perfect sleep environment to keeping regular hours.

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Sleep tips for children with additional needs

Advice on supporting children with additional need if they struggle to drop off or stay asleep.

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Sleep tips for over 50s

Sleep patterns change as people get older, here’s how they can help themselves to a better night’s sleep.

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Sleep tips for shift workers

Studies show that sleep deprivation can lead to serious consequences for shift workers, including firefighters, police officers and medical workers. Here’s some practical advice to help their body adjust to irregular work hours.

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Sleep tips for teens

If parents are struggling to drag their teen out of bed or get them to go to sleep at night, there are several useful pointers which may help.

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Tips for dealing with jet lag

How to reduce or prevent sleepiness and other jet lag symptoms with simple strategies before, during, and after your flight.

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