When you want a new car do you wait until it’s on its last legs or do you tend to replace every few years for a shinier new model?

Or what about the latest TV? Do you hang on until it breaks or decide to splash out on the latest technology for a better viewing experience?

We are used to replacing goods before they wear out – cars, clothing, TVs etc – so a bed shouldn’t be any different.
Which is why throughout April we asked the question ‘What makes you buy a new mattress?’ ahead of our awareness campaign ‘May Be Time For A New Mattress’ which runs during May.

Waking up with back ache prompted 37% of you to buy a new mattress and 17% bought one because they were tossing and turning more.  It comes as no surprise that people wait until they’re in discomfort before they buy a new mattress but our biggest tip is: don’t let an uncomfortable bed rob you of vital, restful sleep.

If you’re unsure if your bed still up to scratch then take our online Bed MOT test. If it’s not providing you with the same comfort and support, it’s time to buy a new one!

Age was the second most popular reason with three in 10 (30%) buying a new mattress because their existing one was more than seven years old.

We recommend replacing mattresses around every seven years. The reasoning behind it is that it’s not about how long a bed lasts or warranties and guarantees which protect against faulty goods -but it’s about encouraging bed replacement before wear and tear dictates.

Many people don’t realise how awful their bed has become until they sleep on a new one. Because a bed wears out very gradually, people often fail to notice it is no longer supportive – it’s only when they sleep on a nice new comfortable one that they realise what they’ve been missing.

The Sleep Council April-poll-300x190 What Prompts You To Buy A New Mattress?

Research shows buying a new bed can lead to a real improvement in sleep – and if you sleep better you feel much better. Remember to buy as big as you can, spend as much as you can afford and look out for the National Bed Federation’s Approved logo to ensure you’re buying a product that is safe, clean and honest.

Test drive a new bed this May and see if you can get your sleep back into gear!

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