Randy Brits Enjoy Hanky Panky With Extra Hour

By sleepcounciladmin on November 3, 2015

On the lead up to National Sleep In Day (25th October) – the day the clocks went back – we asked ‘what will you do with your extra hour in bed?’

And what a randy bunch you are! Asked how they’d choose to spend a lazy day in bed, nearly half of those who voted (44%) said they’d spend the extra hour doing a spot of hanky panky! A lie-in came a close second with 37% of votes. 5% put relaxing in bed with the newspapers before housework (4%) and spending time with family/friends (4%). Bottom of the list were exercise and catching up on TV (both 3%).

Randy Brits Enjoy Hanky Panky With Extra Hour
A luxurious day in bed with no work, no pressure and no hassles is seen as a real indulgence. Many of us are so time poor that a day spent reading, watching telly, listening to the radio or catching up with friends is considered a great treat.  While many chose sex as the way to spend the extra hour it’s clear that sleep deprived Brits were eager to enjoy that extra hour lie in!

We hope you did!

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