The Sleep Council Full_colour-static-banner-small Say Yes To A New Bed This March For National Bed Month  Did you know that March is National Bed Month?

It’s our annual awareness event that has been running for more than 20 years and promotes the importance of a good, comfortable bed for a great night’s sleep.

Use this month to really look at your bed and see if it’s giving you the best possible night’s sleep. Remember it’s not always about a bed ‘wearing out’ but creating an optimum sleeping environment so you feel good and look good.

Here are some deciding factors on whether it’s time for a new bed:

– Is the bed seven years old or more?
– Would it be embarrassing if neighbours saw it without its covers?
– Does it make suspicious noises in the night?
– Did you have your best recent night’s sleep in a bed other than yours?
– Are you waking up more frequently unrefreshed and aching?
– Do you and your partner roll towards each unintentionally in the middle of the night?
– Do you have enough space to sleep comfortably?
– Is it sagging?
– Are the legs or castors worn out?
– Does it feel lumpy in the night

If you answered Yes to five or more, it’s definitely time for a new mattress!

National Bed Month is a great opportunity to grab yourself a bargain as plenty of retailers will be offering some fantastic deals for the awareness event. Make sure you check out our bed buying video or bed advice before you go shopping though.

Say Yes to a new bed this March!

Lisa – The Sleep Council

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