Size Matters When It Comes To Beds

By sleepcounciladmin on April 6, 2016

Our awareness campaign National Bed Month recently came to a close – it’s an initiative that marks the importance of a good bed. But what makes a good bed?

Well, for starters it must be comfortable and supportive – one that’s not too hard or too soft. It should ideally be less than seven years old. And also big enough to give you the restful sleep you need – partner disturbance one of the most common complaints for poor sleep. 

However our March poll – which asked “what size bed do you sleep in” – found that almost half of you sleep in a double bed (47%), followed by king size at 34%. This backs up some of our other research which found that around 30% of us buy a king or super king size bed.

But did you know that in a standard double bed (135cm/4ft 6in) each person gets just 2ft 3in of space – less than a baby in a cot?  Now how squeezed is that?

Size Matters When It Comes To Beds

With a larger bed you are less likely to disturb one another.  You should be able to lie side by side, with your arms behind your head and your elbows out, without touching.

The average person tosses and turns up to 60 times a night so you’re bound to be disturbed by a restless sleeper – and if you frequently get disturbed0 sleep it’s likely to leave many couples short tempered with each other leading to rows and squabbles.

If you’ve not tried a king size, or even a super king size, you don’t know what you’re missing. In a trial only 15% of participants had their eye on a king size at the start, but after trying it out 50% were up for upgrading!

Remember, bigger is always better!

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