Sleep Advice – Specifically for YOU

In an ideal world, getting eight hours of restful sleep so we wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed would be a breeze! Sadly, work, responsibilities, our stage in life and overall health can all too easily steal our shut-eye. Here at The Sleep Council we’ve got years of expertise in helping people who are struggling to sleep and have identified some key times in our lives and profiles who often encounter sleep disturbance.

Perhaps you’re a new mum juggling family and work whilst trying to carve out some time for yourself? Chances are you can drop off to sleep, no problem, but often wake, or are woken, in the night.  If that’s you, take a look at the advice for Lizzie.  If your child is suffering disturbed sleep, unsettled and clingy, our wise words for Daisy could help you tackle the issues – and reduce the stress on all the family into the bargain!

If it’s a teen with a ‘late to bed, late to rise’ sleep cycle who’s suffering from sleep issues then our specialist teen advice could work wonders, particularly if Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome is the root of the difficulty.  Take a look at the tailored advice for David. Or, if you’re of more advanced years, perhaps menopausal, waking up with sweats or disturbed by your partner’s snoring, the guidance for Margaret could be spot on.

Alternatively, work and stress can play havoc with your sleep, particularly if you’re a shift worker or moving between time zones. Light, noise disturbance and jet lag can all contribute to disrupting your routine and sleepless nights.

We hope the advice for these commonplace profiles – Lizzie, Daisy, David, Steve, Julian and Margaret – will put you on the right road towards peaceful sleep.  But, if problems persist, do seek specialist help if you’re still  not sleeping

adviser-steve Steve
Hi there I am Steve. I always get a good nights sleep but find I wake early because of light or noise pollution. I also work shifts as a policeman.
adviser-lizzie Lizzie
Hi, I'm Lizzie, a busy mum who doesn't struggle to fall asleep but often wakes in the night and then struggles to fall back asleep.
adviser-julian Julian
Hi, I'm Julian. I travel the world a lot which means I am often in different time zones so suffer from jet lag and I don't have a daily routine.
adviser-daisy Daisy
Hi I'm Daisy! I go to bed between 6.30pm-9.30pm but cry out for Mum and Dad quite a lot. I also like to take lots of long naps during the day.
adviser-margaret Margaret
Hi I'm Margaret. I am 65 years old and retired. I fall asleep easily but wake up regularly throughout the night and very early in the morning.
adviser-david David
Hi there, I'm David. I struggle to get to sleep during the week but make up for lost time at the weekend. I use my phone right up until I go to sleep.