The Sleep Council Where-to-go-for-a-good-nights-sleep-infographic-300x300 Where To Sleep To Get A Good Night’s Kip  Could it really be as simple as where you live as to whether you sleep well or not?

It’s fairly common knowledge that we don’t sleep as great as we once did, and that the implications of sleep deprivation vary from impaired mood and concentration to health issues such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

We’re all looking for the magic solution to either get more sleep or improve the quality of our sleep but could location be the answer?

Apparently, based on Google searches,  university city Cambridge tops the list of worst places to get a good night’s sleep followed by seaside resort Brighton and northern city, Manchester in second and third spots. London, surprisingly, featured at number 12 despite regular documentation that Londoners get the least sleep out of all UK cities.

I’m not sure I’m entirely convinced on these findings. Sleepless nights are a national problem regardless of where we live – whether you’re in the city listening to late night police sirens or being woken by the early morning cockerels in the countryside!

However there are lots of practical things – as opposed to upping sticks and relocating – that you can do to try and aid better quality sleep.

• Environmental factors play a large part in sleep problems. Night time noise is often cited as a reason for not sleeping well, particularly those who live in an urban area. Ear plugs, or investing in double glazing, will help muffle annoying noise.

• Light is also an issue especially artificial light or street light. However this can be easily fixed with blackout blinds or thicker curtains.

• Keep the bedroom cool, too – around 16-18 degrees Celsius. A room that’s too hot, too cool, too stuffy or too draughty can disturb your sleep.

• And lastly don’t forget the bed in achieving a good night’s sleep. It’s difficult to get deep, restful sleep on an uncomfortable bed. Buy as big as you can, and spend as much as you can afford.

So if someone told you to move to a different part of the country because you might sleep better, would you? Or would you implement other measures first?

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