The Sleep Council The-Princess-and-the-Pea-2-300x227 Sleep Right To Sleep Tight  So the princess may have made a bit of a fuss over a pea but the fact is that a mattress has the power to make or break your sleep.

Research shows that an uncomfortable mattress can rob you of up to an hour’s vital, restful sleep. Our Bed MOT will help you determine if a new mattress would improve your chances of a better night’s sleep. It’s recommended that you conduct this MOT every year after the first three years of new bed ownership.

  • Is your mattress seven years old (or older)?
  • Do you wake up stiff and achy every morning?
  • Does your mattress have lumps, or sag noticeably?
  • Do you sleep better in a different bed, such as one at a friend’s house or a hotel?
  • Would it be embarrassing if neighbours saw it without its covers?
  • Does it make suspicious noises in the night?
  • Do you and your partner roll towards each other unintentionally?
  • Do you have enough space to sleep comfortably?

If you have answered yes to three or more questions, then it’s definitely time for a new mattress.

However, if sleeping on a bad mattress can give you a backache, buying a new one can be a headache. What brand to buy, how much to spend, whether to buy a spring or memory foam mattress, too many questions can leave you floundering.

Here’s our top tips for buying a new bed:

  • Decide your priorities and concerns in advance. For example, is it :- price, storage, access to bedroom, turning the mattress, getting in and out of bed, overall size or shape, a health issue, etc
  • If possible, try a selection of beds for comparison before you buy.
  • Buy for correct support and comfort for your weight and build – not just firmness.
  • Lie down in your normal sleeping position and make some turns, too. Wear comfortable clothing and remove any outdoor gear.
  • Try it together, if the bed’s for two.
  • Don’t forget a bed is a mattress and a base working together – don’t consider them in isolation.
  • Think big – larger beds are more comfortable.
  • You get what you pay for – both in product and service – so spend as much as you can afford.
  • Remember, you’re going to spend over 20,000 hours on your bed during its seven year lifespan so it’s worth taking a little time and effort in the beginning to make sure you make the right choice.

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