Sleep Tips Shared This Sleeptember

By sleepcounciladmin on October 2, 2014

Sleep Tips Shared This Sleeptember  For our Sleeptember campaign this year we thought we’d take the opportunity to ask the general public to share their top sleep tips on Facebook and Twitter. And we got some great answers… some we agree with, some we don’t!

If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep then don’t just take our advice, listen to what your fellow public have to say – there may be an answer in here for you!

“For little ones, it has to be a great routine! Start an hour before bedtime with no screens and dim those lights. Fine motor skill activities aid relaxation. A bath should be half an hour before bedtime, the rise in body temp helps to promote relaxation as the body temp drops! A nice story and cuddles before saying ‘It’s night time go to sleep’ and leaving little ones to self-settle.”  The Children’s Sleep Charity

“Lavender spray, magnesium spray, and a smoothie like this: almond milk, banana, almonds, raw cacao and almond butter. Rich In tryptophan to encourage melatonin production!” Sally Wisbey

“A good comfy mattress that snuggles you.” Andrew Soule

“A nice glass of port!” Sandra Moran

“Very dark bedroom, no electronics in bed!” The Cool Shield

“Our sleep expert recommends avoiding technology for 60 minutes before bed, putting the smartphones down will help!” Silentnight

“I like routine for a good night sleep. Bathe with lavender oil. No technology for last hour, relax with a book.” Helen Tobin-Perry

“Fresh body, fresh sheets = fresh mind.” Dawn Adams “Don’t drink too much caffeine throughout the day.” Steph

“Take micro relaxation breaks during the day. It helps prepare for a good night sleep.” Marion Beauregard

“Having a relaxing bath first, switching off all social media and a few drops of lavender on my pillow.” Emily

“Keep the sleeping environment cool, dark and quiet (and no TVs)” Edward Grandi

“Lavender candles, especially french lavender.” Georgina Jacobs

“A good quality goose down duvet that helps to regulates temperature and moves with you as you sleep.”  Elysha Charles

“Lie right on the edge of the bed, you’ll soon drop off.” James Mcconnell

“Stick to the same bedtime and wake up time. This helps to regulate your body’s clock. Avoid afternoon naps and sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows. Wind down by spending the last hour before bedtime doing a calming activity such as reading.” Tearoze

“Buy a bigger bed!!!! Why do adults insist on sleeping in half a bed, basically the width of a cot?” Colin Heal

“Exercise.” Charlie Harrison

“Magnesium Oil.” Jane Verity-Smart

“Don’t use iPads and iPhones an hour before bedtime.”  Evette Gabriella Williams

“A relaxing reflexology treatment, bliss.” Kelly Hainsworth

“Hypnotherapy to help ease any anxiety or worries that affects sleep quality.” Daniel Kronenberg

“Mood lighting and candles.” Hayley Stansfield

“All electrical items off at the plug in bedroom, a nice massage of lavender based cream to give your arms and feet a treat, lightly scented candle…that’s safe of course.”  Carrie Joanne McGrath

“Turn off or walk away from technology 1.5 hours before bed time and do some deep relaxing breaths for 10 minutes.” Kirsten Taylor

If you have any additional tips you’d like to share, then please do let us know. We love to hear what works or doesn’t work for you.

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