Sleep Well For Sleeptember

By Lisa Artis on August 29, 2017

Sleep Well For Sleeptember  As we hurtle into September and our annual awareness campaign, Sleeptember, we look at how to get a good night’s sleep and why it’s beneficial.

Sleep is critical to health and wellbeing and as a nation we really aren’t getting enough. With research telling us that a third of us now sleep for just five-to-six hours a night, it’s imperative that we start focusing on sleeping better. It is a basic and fundamental human requirement and is vitally important for good physical, mental and emotional health as well as crucial for memory, learning and growth.

There are lots of factors that can impact on achieving a good night’s kip from light and noise, to the bedroom environment and your own lifestyle habits.

With a little help from us and Dr Neil Stanley, our friends over at Furniture Village have put together a great 24-hour sleep guide that tracks all the things that might affect your sleep throughout the course of the day – from early morning peak traffic, to what we nibble on, the post lunch afternoon slump, when we eat our last meal and when we fall asleep.

If you’re constantly feeling groggy and sleepy you need to work on how to get better sleep. But whatever it is that’s keeping you up at night – be it diet, stress or needing a new bed – by changing your habits throughout the day and fine tuning your evening routine, you can uncover that elusive night’s sleep.

If you need further help, why not take part in our FREE 30 Day Better Sleep Plan here. It has been created to help people wanting to improve their sleep and prevent more serious and prolonged issues.

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