Sleep Well To Look Well

By sleepcounciladmin on March 7, 2013

Kate Garraway, Daybreak presenter and mum of two, was reported as saying that two of her top tips for looking good first thing in a morning are to sleep well and get your bed ritual sorted.

And at The Sleep Council, we very much agree!

Sleep Well To Look Well  No one likes to hear the alarm going off on a morning but if you’ve had a good night’s sleep, it makes getting up easier. A bad night’s sleep will not only have you reaching for the snooze button, but when you do manage to drag yourself from the comfort of your bed, it will make you feel grumpy and irritable but also looking much less your best! I’m sure I’m not the only one to have looked in the mirror the morning after a bad night and wanted to cry – think dull skin, bags that could carry two weeks’ worth of luggage in them, lank hair and eyes so small you need matchsticks to keep them open!

Kate said that working on Daybreak means she can often only get three or four hours – not ideal – but she does book a babysitter so she can get an afternoon nap and catch up on zzz’s. But it is worth noting, while we can catch up on sleep with a catnap, we can’t store up on sleep ready for a bad night.

To make sure you sleep well, it’s important to have a good bed ritual and the right sleeping environment. Kate’s top tip is to go to bed in a good mood and be prepared for the next morning. And she’s right – don’t go to bed thinking about what needs to go in the kids’ packed lunches or if you’ve put those important papers in your briefcase – do it before you head up to bed. Not only will it stop you worrying but also you won’t feel so frazzled in the morning. Equally, don’t go to bed on an argument – it’s not conducive to a good night’s sleep!

So what do you think? What are your tip tops for looking morning fresh?

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  1. hello i go to bed at 10 pm im up at 2 am wide awake stay up 10 mins then go back to bed up at 5am is this enough sleep i agree with kate please can you send e.mail i feel fine up at 5am keep active through the day is this okay what can i do to sleep all night many thanks

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